Friday, September 22, 2017

Fentanyl overdose couple lay rotting for four days next to trapped toddler

Fentanyl killed a young couple found dead in their Quebec apartment with an unharmed toddler last winter. The bodies of Amelie Gauthier-Matte, 20, and Christopher Lecouvie, 32, were discovered in an apartment in Gatineau, Que. on Feb. 27. Their bodies were found in an advanced state of decomposition intertwined on a bed. Lecouvie’s three-year-old son was found safe inside of the apartment after surviving for four days on his own. Gauthier-Matte and Levouvie’s bodies were located because a neighbour noticed the toddler throwing toys out of a window and decided to check in on him.
Gauthier-Matte and Lecouvie both had fentanyl, MDMA and methamphetamine in their systems, toxicology results showed. They died from respiratory failure caused by fentanyl intoxication.

This echos a tragic death of a five month old in Pennsylvania who died of starvation after both her parents fatally overdosed on fentanyl in February.