Friday, September 1, 2017

'Lobster with a Mobster' = Oz Lobstergate

Lobsters boil at 200°C, screaming as they are boiled alive. Consider this the lobsters’ revenge on the Victorian Opposition Leader Mr. Matthew "tough on crime” Guy, who was boiled and cooked red after having a sit-down lobster and donations dinner with mobster Antonio Madafferi. Recorded conversations referenced taking limousines to the dinner, secret back doors and bags of money. The recordings underlie the deep, seedy underbelly of Australian politics.

Madafferi is a wealthy businessman with an interest in the La Porchetta pizza chain. He has been banned by Victoria Police from attending Crown Casino and been accused in court by police of being a high-ranking member of Melbourne's mafia.
With pressure mounting, Guy referred himself to the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in a bid to reduce the pressure on his leadership. The ICAC has refused to act. Labor MPs are becoming increasingly keen for him to remain in place as opposition leader because they believe the lobster affair has fatally wounded his career.

Melbourne Mafia boss Antonio Madafferi.
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