Thursday, September 21, 2017

Nick Chan, leader of the FOB gang, Clueless about Weapons, Arsewipe

Claims by gang leader Nick Chan that he was unaware of a loaded, semi-automatic handgun under the seat of the vehicle he was driving should be believed, his lawyer claims. According to him Chan should be acquitted on five weapons-related charges in connection with a traffic stop in Calgary. Chan was pulled over after police tailed the Tacoma he was driving. Despite repeated orders to exit the vehicle he refused and was eventually pulled out. A subsequent search found a loaded, .32-calibre, semi-automatic handgun and buck folding knife under the driver’s seat.
A bag containing a balaclava and dark clothing was on top of two hatchets and a hammer behind the driver’s seat.
In May, Chan raised a major stink about his bathroom breaks. Chan claimed a crap deal at the Calgary Courts Centre, where he needed more toilet paper and soap. "Like any other person who has a bowel movement, sometimes I have a significant amounts of feces that needs to be wiped off my body"

I don't think the Canadian public would argue much that Chan has major league chit issues well in need of more 'industrial grade' bumwipe on the taxpayer dime.
Chan has complained over the last decade about his life behind bars. In January 2016, he went on a hunger strike. After he was found guilty of trafficking heroin in 2004, Chan made 38 complaints related to his time in remand.

Formed in the late 1990s, the FOB — which stood for "Fresh Off the Boat" — became one of the most violent criminal gangs in Calgary. Rival group FK, or "FOB Killers" was later established after personal rifts between FOB members split the group. FOB members would be paid if they beat up an FK member. The value of the payments increased if the target ended up in hospital. Killing a rival gang member brought an initial payday of $20,000. Dozens died before the violence eventually ended.