Sunday, September 10, 2017

No sympathy for Scumbag Fentanyl Pushers

For months, medical secretary Julie Baks' boyfriend, Grenville Sinclair, would visit her at the Barrie clinic and bring her a cup of coffee. But inside the cup were names, corresponding OHIP numbers and other background details. Julie Baks, 30, would use the information he’d supplied to create new patient files and then she would forge Fentanyl prescriptions for them — authorizing a pharmacist to dispense 45 patches each to the bogus patients. She then deleted their files.

Each prescription consisted of boxes containing 15 patches at a cost of $250 per prescription. Her boyfriend would dispense the forged 'scripts' and sell each patch on the street for $400 to $450 a pop. Sinclair eventually pulled 8 years, while his partner, Raymond Godreau, was handed a 10-year term.

Medical secretary Julie Baks
Barrie Police busted the drug ring after an astute doctor at the clinic became suspicious about the deleted files.

It was a bad time for Yancy Loor, a low-level member of the trafficking group, to be asking for leniency from the Ontario Court of Appeal. Sentenced to six years for his role in the scheme, Loor argued the sentence was “excessive". But in a strong message from the court, Loor’s appeal was flatly denied. "Every day in our communities, Fentanyl abuse claims the lives of Canadians” wrote Justice John Laskin "I think it fair to say that generally, offenders — even first offenders — who traffic significant amounts of fentanyl should expect to receive significant penitentiary sentences”. And that’s a message every other scumbag fentanyl trafficker best heed.