Saturday, September 9, 2017

Oz Mobster Boss Rocco Arico accused of disappating assets

While jailed crime boss Rocco Arico's wife pleads poverty to access his multi-million fortune, his parents have been accused of breaching a deal with the tax office to not dispose of their assets.

The Supreme Court heard that Antonio and Antonia Arico, both unemployed and who claimed they could not afford a barrister, had sent large amounts of money overseas in a series of transfers. The claim came as the mobster’s parents lost a bid to have a freeze order on their Brunswick West home lifted.

Antonia Arico, mother of Rocco Arico

Franki Arico
The Australian Taxation Office is pursuing the couple for more than $2 million in unpaid taxes and had applied to the court for an extension of orders freezing their assets. The ATO claimed the pair had already breached an undertaking last December to not dispose of their Brunswick West home or any interest in other assets. The Aricos were represented by their son’s wife, Franki Arico, who denied they owe anything. More than $61,800 was withdrawn from an account in April alone. The tax office claims Mr Arico owes it $1,033,062.22 and Mrs Arico $1,047,554.87. The couple have also been accused of failing to pay back a $470,000 bank loan. A judge rejected the request to boost the Aricos’ allowed living expenses and lift the freeze on their home.
In March mob boss Rocco Arico was sentenced to 14 years in jail and deportation back to Italy thereafter. It was a series of blunders by the violent criminal that brought him down. Arico broke the golden mob rule of crook survival when he lost his cool, threatening a rat on a hot telephone. Arico is a top wheel in the Calabrian mafia.