Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sherbrooke HA clubhouse forfeited

The Hells Angels' bunker in Sherbrooke is no more. A Quebec Superior Court decision was released Monday confirming what most suspected for years. Justice Carol Cohen found the "fortress" helped the group commit acts of organized crime, including drug trafficking and murder. The property consists of five plots of land, three of which have "fortified" buildings on them.
Buildings feature tinted bulletproof windows, metres-high wood fences and elaborate camera systems
The compound, worth roughly $425,000, is the last of the club's "bunkers" still standing in Quebec. The Trois-Rivières location was torn down two years ago. The judge rehashed past testimonies involving 24 members of the Sherbrooke chapter who, in 2012, pleaded guilty to conspiring to kill members of competing gangs as well as independent drug dealers who refused to buy from the Hells.

Guy Auclair, Georges Beaulieu and Richard Rousseau are identified as the Sherbrooke chapter's founding members, having created it in 1984. They will be removed from title and the property sold to recover unpaid taxes over $43,909.
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