Sunday, September 3, 2017

Tunnel used to smuggle Chinese from Mexico into US

Dozens of illegal migrants fleeing from US Border Patrol agents led authorities to a surprising discovery over the weekend: a tunnel under the US-Mexico border in San Diego used to bring Chinese nationals illegally into the United States. When agents headed toward them, the migrants ran toward a hole in the ground near a border fence. The hole was covered with a few branches and a wooden ladder led down to an underground passageway to Mexico. Agents detained 23 Chinese nationals and seven Mexicans.
Human smugglers are cashing in from Chinese nationals who pay up to US$20,000 a person to be brought from their homeland to the United States. Detentions of Chinese nationals crossing the border in the San Diego area has jumped from just four in 2013 to 861 last year.
US authorities plan to seal the tunnel with cement.