Wednesday, October 4, 2017

13 Spanish citizens arrested in Morocco over record cocaine haul

Thirteen Spanish citizens of Moroccan origin have been arrested over a record seizure of cocaine in the North African country. Over 2.5 tonnes of the drug landed by boat in the far south of the country from Venezuela and was likely destined for distribution in Europe. The networks of the South American drug cartels are currently trying to make use of the African route, via countries where there is little authority.

Over the past decade South American cartels have expanded their network of smuggling routes to the lucrative markets in Europe, landing some shipments in West Africa and moving them by land northwards. Along with the cocaine the authorities also seized some 100 kilos of hashish and ecstasy tablets, cash, weapons and mobile phones.
The suspected masterminds of the operation are two Dutch citizens of Moroccan origin who are currently serving jail sentences over a 2014 drug haul in Marrakesh.

2 tonnes at the Cave of Hercules