Monday, October 2, 2017

Daniel Kinahan ‘bugging €1,600 phones of his own gang members’

The heir to Ireland's Christy ‘Dapper Don’ Kinahan’s empire is at his wits end after a series of major police successes against Ireland’s most dangerous criminal gang. The Kinahan gang are using a specialist server in Arizona to prevent Irish authorities from checking their encrypted ‘Pretty Good Privacy’ phones. Daniel Kinahan bugs the €1,600 phones of his own henchmen by loading special software on to the devices. The software allows the mobster boss to monitor all texts, emails and calls on the devices.

The Kinahan cartel is engaged in a murderous feud with Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s mob that has killed over a dozen. Sources say: “The faces of the Kinahan Organised Crime Group are known throughout the world and they are now toxic to other organised gangs. Gangs in Colombia, Holland and Russia are furious with the attention the Kinahans have brought on them."

Daniel Kinahan

Kinahan associates Liam Byrne, Sean McGovern and Liam Roe
The latest revelations come after a female associate of the Kinahan mob was stopped at Dublin Airport recently with 17 PGP phones. Investigators from the Garda believe the woman was dispatched to Spain to bring the phones — worth €25,000 — back to Ireland for Kinahan enforcers. Customs had to hand the phones back to the woman because she had not committed any crime.

While Christy and his son Daniel are holed up in Dubai and unable to travel to their European bases over fears they’ll be taken out, more than 30 of their associates have been charged with serious offences.
It is said the Kinahan's Colombian connection has cut off his supply of cocaine. The gang has turned to heroin, allegedly shifting up to 80kg every ten days. The cartel has been sourcing the heroin from a Turkish-based crime mob. It’s thought Kinahan has a monthly profit of some €1.1million, or over €13million annually from the Irish market alone. So far this year, €2.5million in cash has been seized by the Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau, with the majority of that belonging to the Kinahan mob.
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