Monday, October 2, 2017

Giovanni "Johnny" Commisso nailed for contraband tobacco

Giomino Commisso
Giovanni "Johnny" Commisso, 58, of Vaughan was charged by the OPP with trafficking almost a million cigarettes. Police conducted a month-long investigation into the distribution of unstamped cigarettes in the GTA. A total of 907,000 contraband cigarettes were seized. If sold the cigarettes would represent a loss of $279,339 in tax revenues.

Jing Git Wong, 47, of Toronto, has also been charged with one count of trafficking in contraband tobacco.

Cosimo Commisso

Giuseppe “The Master” Commisso, of Siderno, Italy, boss of the powerful Siderno clan of the 'Ndrangheta.
Giovanni "Johnny" Commisso is intimately connected to the Commisso crime family. He was implicated in a diesel theft ring in the early 2000s and a RCMP investigation involving a stock "pump and dump" probe featured in The Toronto Star in 2008. That scam involved Michael Ciavarella and Anneillo Peluso "high-ranking members of Cosimo Commisso's organized crime group."

The Siderno Group refers to a Ndrangheta group primarily based in Canada and the US, and Australia. Members migrated to Toronto first in the 1950s from Siderno, which is on Calabria's Ionian coast.

Siderno coat of arms.
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