Friday, October 13, 2017

Hitman shoots rival at point blank range in Birmingham

Chad Greatbatch shot his victim with a 9mm pistol as he sat in a parked car in West Midlands.
Members of the Burger Bar Boys
Greatbatch was linked to gang activity in Birmingham. Greatbatch initially denied attempted murder but went on to enter a guilty plea – and at Birmingham Crown Court on October 6 he was jailed for 25 years. The sentence will run consecutively to his current jail term which means he faces more than 30 years behind bars.

West Midlands Police are tackling an escalating crime wave involving street gangs involved in a deadly turf war in Birmingham. Gangs are behind an explosion of violence including dozens of shootings, stabbings, carjackings and robberies. The Frankley Killers, the 247365 and the 61 groups are among the gangs linked to a growing list of offences in the Northfield, Kings Norton, Longbridge and Bartley Green areas since January 2016.