Friday, October 27, 2017

JFK files; CIA offered $150,000 to mob boss Sam Giancana to kill Castro

An outlandish CIA plan to recruit the mafia to kill Fidel Castro is among the highlights of a recent release of JFK documents. Sam Giancana in return sought the CIA’s help to place a listening device in the room of his mistress whom he thought was having an affair.

Other possible ideas to kill the Communist leader included contaminating his diving suit or booby-trapping a seashell with a bomb. The CIA admits being unable to find a seashell big enough.

23 Feb 1961 — FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover chats with President John F. Kennedy.
It was revealed FBI director J. Edgar Hoover knew of a threat against the life of Kennedy’s killer Lee Harvey Oswald the night before Oswald was murdered. The information was ignored.

The Warren Commission’s formal conclusion that Oswald killed JFK has done little to quell speculation that a more sinister plot was behind the murder of the 35th US president. Some insist there is a connection between Oswald and the CIA.
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