Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mafia kingpin arrested after trying to buy ticket to watch Napoli play Inter Milan

33-year-old mafia kingpin Emanuele Niola has been arrested... after he tried to buy a ticket to watch soccer club Napoli. He had been on the run since a Naples court gave him a six-year prison term for drug trafficking.

Niola was originally held in 2013 as part of a crackdown on the Camorra, southern Italy's network of organized crime. Niola is considered to be a prominent element of the Di Lauro clan's international drug cartel.
Niola was betrayed by his passion for Naples. The person who was trying to book tickets by phone said only the first name, stumbling on the second. Suspicious police traced the call and armed Carabinieri flooded the district - and nabbed the fugitive mobster at a car wash. Niola was a key member of the powerful Di Lauro clan, headed by godfather Marco Di Lauro with his sons.