Friday, October 6, 2017

McDonald's Sold Burgers, Fries, with a side of Cocaine

An undercover sting the NYPD dubbed "Operation Off the Menu" busted a McDonald's manager they say sold massive amounts of coke from behind the fast-food counter.

Frank Guerrero, 26, had a slick system for hooking up his clientele at the McDonald's in the Bronx. Prosecutors say he kept his drugs hidden in the restaurant's soap dispenser. From there he'd stuff the drugs into a cookie bag and throw the dessert in with an order of burgers and fries.
Night manager Guerrero, who worked at the Mickey D's for eight years, was busted after he sold an undercover cop $10,900 worth of cocaine over the course of eight deals. During one late-night drug deal, Guerrero sold 100 grams of coke to the cop for $6,250. Once the cash had changed hands, the cop took a seat with Guerrero serving up the drugs in a takeout bag.

"Guerrero's conduct was so blatant, it would be comical if he weren't committing a serious narcotics crime," prosecutors said. "Ordering coke took on an entirely different meaning on the night shift at this McDonald's."

Mr. Guerrero brings new meaning to the 'happy meal'