Monday, October 2, 2017

Oz Mobster Michael Ibrahim in chit Deep

Fadi Ibrahim (left) and Michael Ibrahim
Jailed Sydney underworld figure Michael Ibrahim has been told to fight his extradition from Dubai, and warned that if he comes back to Australia, he’ll be killed. The 37-year-old has been warned by a number of people implicated in the drug importation ring smashed in police raids earlier this month. They blame Michael Ibrahim for a star witness/rat codenamed 'MW1'.
The Oz underworld are said to be keen to make him pay.

John Ibrahim was not arrested and was seen last week having coffee in Kings Cross with Kyle Sandilands. He may be a target.
Michael Ibrahim, his brother Fadi, Mustapha Dib, Stephen Elmir, Hakan Arif and Koder Jomaa have been behind bars since August 8, when they were arrested in Dubai as part of joint operations to smash two major international drug syndicates. In simultaneous raids, 28 properties were searched across Sydney, including John Ibrahim’s luxurious Dover Heights mansion, with 10 people arrested, among them Ibrahim’s son Daniel and his girlfriend Sarah Budge.
John Ibrahim
Sarah Budge was charged with possessing a “Baby Glock”, found when police arrested her as part of raids across three continents. Police believe the pistol was smuggled into Australia by a crime syndicate.
Her boyfriend, John Ibrahim and his brothers Fadi and Michael in Dubai, are accused of a conspiracy to smuggle almost $1 billion worth of drugs and millions worth of bootleg cigarettes into Australia. 'Baby Glocks', also known as Glock 26s, are only available to police and are not for sale to the public. The gun's serial number had been filed off.

A secret underground escape tunnel leading from Ibrahim’s mansion to a nearby public park was uncovered by police during a drug raid. Ibrahim ironically began his career by buying Kings Cross nightclub 'The Tunnel'