Sunday, October 8, 2017

Playboy Gangster Crips busted on Facebook

On the streets of Northwest Detroit, the Playboy Gangster Crips (PGC) are known as ruthless thugs who live for violence. One bragged on social media "we shoot, steal and rob." Another gang member advertised an AK-47 for sale on Facebook for $200. Another posted a handgun for sale for $275.

They're not bragging anymore. 14 members of the Playboy Gangster Crips were indicted on a slew of criminal charges, 72 in all. Also referred to as the Thirty-Third Gangstas or the Trey Trey Gangstas, the PGC claim a section of northwest Detroit as their exclusive territory.

Andrew 'Danger' Tinsley was found selling a .38 caliber handgun for $275 with the following text: "I bkang my set TTG P.B.G.C.^ 33rd if yall didn't kno im DVNG3R Coripppp"

Donning navy blue bandannas called "flags," PGC members boast their gang-related activity on social media and even have their own language, replacing the letter "K" with a "C" and also refrain from using the letter "B" because it's associated with their rival gang, the Bloods.

The indictment comes one week after the FBI released data showing violent crime in Detroit surged 15.7 percent last year, an increase that ranked it as the nation’s most violent big city.