Thursday, October 26, 2017

Super-cop to arrested suspect: Guy Ouellette

Guy Ouellette joined the SQ in 1969 out of high school. He worked his way up the ranks and eventually joined the drug squad. In the early 1990s, the HA and Rock Machine entered into open war over control of the drug trade. With the death toll rising rapidly — it would reach 165 by the time it was over — the province formed an elite anti-gang unit called Wolverine. Ouellette was part of the team. He stared down Quebec's most dangerous gangsters, had a hand in ending a bloody biker war and then built a political career on his law-and-order reputation. Yesterday Guy Ouellette was arrested by the anti-corruption unit.
Ouellette was known for his encyclopedic knowledge of Quebec's biker world. That made him a star Crown witness. His testimony helped put dozens of bikers behind bars, including Boucher, the biggest fish of them all. His evidence was so effective, members of the HA had a meeting in 1999 in order to come up with ways to discredit him.

Ouellette was recruited by Jean Charest for provincial politics and first won his seat in 2007. Ouellette was arrested on suspicion he leaked internal documents on corruption investigations involving former premier Jean Charest and fundraising by the Quebec Liberal Party. Raids targeted two police officers. While at the home of one of the officers, corruption investigators took his cell phone and started texting Ouellette, saying they had to talk as soon as possible because the police officer was getting ready to tell all. As soon as he could get away, Ouellette made his way to the officer's home. But instead of the officer, he was greeted by the anti corruption team.

A text message was the trap that exposed Ouellette.