Monday, October 23, 2017

The Montreal Giant Wheel - Steve Vogl

Mafia-connected entrepreneur Steve Vogl is doing business with The Montreal Giant Wheel, a new high-profile attraction on the Old Port's federal site. The promoter of the new attraction has contracted with him for catering services. Vogl, 52, has received several prison sentences since 1984, here and in the United States including armed robbery, drug smuggling, and credit card theft.
Steven Vogel, Nicola Spagnolo and Léonardo Rizzuto meet at the Jargo restaurant on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.
This past didn't escape the Régie des alcools et les Jeux du Quebec, which refused in 2004 to grant a bar permit to one of Vogl's partners, who had hidden his partnership with him. He is close to the Rizzuto crime family.

The Big Wheel was inaugurated with great pomp at the beginning of September. There is nothing to stop the Greater Montreal Wheel from doing business with the mobbed up Vogl. "Steve is a food supplier on our site," says Jeff Jorgensen, president of the company.