Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thieves who stole £7m in 'The Heathrow Heist' pull long time

Loomis security guards Mohammad Siddique, 32, and Ranjeev Singh, 40, pulled off one of the biggest heists in UK history when they made off with £7 million in six minutes by staging a robbery after picking up the money for Credit Suisse at Heathrow Terminal 4, on March 14.

They stole 19 bags filled with bundles of cash after picking up the banknotes from a cargo depot. Police later found the van abandoned with £7m missing. Siddique was discovered miles away with his hands and ankles bound.

Mohammad Siddique

Ranjeev Singh
The man behind the plot was gambling addict Rafaqat Hussein, 41, who was tipped off about the shipment. He kept in contact with Siddique during the heist. He was later caught on a police bug boasting to his brother: "Mate I did the job. I fucking robbed seven million." Hussain also boasted about how he was going to "buy a Lambo" referring to a Lamborghini. He said that his share of the spoils was £2 million. Hussain and his wife were also found guilty of conspiring to sabotage the home of an 88-year-old woman to launder the proceeds. The home was badly vandalized to force her to reduce the price.

Hussain wept in court. He was sentenced 10 years and three months. Siddique, 32, and Singh, 40, were each jailed for six and half years. The 19 bags of cash weighing nearly half a tonne have never been recovered.

Rafaqat Hussain