Thursday, November 30, 2017

Cargo Thefts on the rise World-wide

Cargo theft incidents in the United States were up 24 percent in the third quarter. Texas beat out California for the state with the most reported cargo theft incidents in the quarter, accounting for 24 percent of all thefts – a 105 percent increase over the second quarter. California also accounted for 24 percent of thefts nationwide, followed by Florida, Georgia and New Jersey at 9 percent each.

Full truckload theft was the most common theft type, accounting for 82 percent of all reported thefts with an average loss value of $128,450.
In Rio de Janeiro the thefts — which occur on average more than once an hour and are often staged by scores of criminals carrying assault rifles — have forced the national postal service to stop street deliveries in some parts of Rio, while supermarkets have raised their prices to pay for the losses.

“The situation in Rio is out of control,” says an expert. “We now say this has stopped being theft and it has almost turned into looting.” The government of Brazil has deployed troops to the city of Rio de Janeiro to try to slow the rise of cargo theft, which rose 22 percent last year to 22,500 thefts.

UFC Star McGregor in brawl with Mobster Graham “The Wig” Whelan

According to media reports, a threat has been made against Conner McGregor’s life over a sensational barroom brawl with Irish mafia figures. The reports claim that senior members of Ireland’s infamous Kinahan crime cartel are seeking retribution.
McGregor allegedly assaulted a man with ties to Kinahan lieutenant Graham “The Wig” Whelan — one of the country’s most feared gangsters. Reports claim Whelan has demanded McGregor pay restitution of 900,000 Euros ($1,060,000 million) or the crime figure will have the biggest name in MMA shot.

The UFC star issued an apparent invitation on Thursday: “Come and get me!”

A long running vendetta exists between the Kinahan drugs cartel and Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch's crime group.
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd

Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd (February 3, 1904 – October 22, 1934) was an American bank robber. When paroled after his first bank robbery Floyd vowed that he would never see the inside of another prison.

He committed a series of bank robberies over the next several years; it was during this period that he acquired the nickname "Pretty Boy." According to one account, when the payroll master targeted in a robbery described the three perpetrators to the police, he referred to Floyd as "a mere boy — a pretty boy with apple cheeks." In 1929, Floyd was wanted in numerous serious cases.
Floyd and Adam Richetti became the primary suspects in a June 17, 1933, gunfight known as the "Kansas City massacre" that resulted in the deaths of four law enforcement officers.

On July 23, 1934, following the death of John Dillinger, "Pretty Boy" Floyd was named Public Enemy Number 1.
On October 22, 1934, Floyd was killed in an apple orchard near East Liverpool, Ohio, while being pursued by local law officers and FBI agents led by Melvin Purvis.

He hated his nickname so much that after being gunned down he made one final declaration, “I’m Charles Arthur Floyd.”

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

$5,000 Reward for HA Federal Fugitive - Russell Allen Lyles, Jr

Police are requesting the public’s assistance in locating Russell Allen Lyles, Jr., aka J.R., 36, of Windsor, California. The Sonoma County Alliance is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Russell Allen Lyles, Jr.

Lyles is a member of the Sonoma County Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.
The San Francisco FBI announced multiple criminal indictments against eleven members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang. At least eight of the men are members of the Sonoma County Hells Angels Chapter.
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Monday, November 27, 2017

Prosecutors seek 15-year sentence for aging ‘Goodfellas’ gangster

Aging gangster Vincent Asaro, 82, was acquitted for his role in the infamous $6 million 1978 Lufthansa heist but could still spend the rest of his life behind bars. He ordered a hit on the car that cut him off. Two years ago, the Bonanno capo scored a stunning acquittal on racketeering charges.
The feds insist the judge can weigh the acquitted conduct in her sentence.

And they say she can also consider his more recent behavior — such as his alleged talk of killing a prosecutor, and jailhouse boasts about the decades-old heist like “We did it and got away with it.” Prosecutors said that although Asaro has “participated in racketeering, murder, robbery, extortion, loansharking, gambling and other illegal conduct, he has served less than eight years in jail.” In June, Asaro pleaded guilty to directing the 2012 Queens arson. The defense says Asaro should get time served.
Asaro enlisted a Bonanno associate to do the automotive hit. The associate brought in John J. Gotti and another man to help out. Gotti, the grandson of the late Gambino boss, pleaded guilty to being the getaway driver. He’s awaiting sentence.

Armed robber in Bellagio Poker Cage Heist Wanted

Police are on the hunt for a man who robbed a poker cage at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The suspect, in a wig and glasses, approached the poker cage armed with a handgun. Actor James Woods was playing poker at the Bellagio when the suspect robbed the cage 30 feet away.

Russian Mob Boss can't be extradited from Austria - Fear of Flying

A Russian mob boss with scores of murders on his rap sheet cannot be extradited from Austria, reportedly because of his newly discovered fear of flying.

Aslan 'Dzhako' Gagiev’s gang is accused of carrying out 60 murders in Moscow and the North Caucasus. An Austrian court has approved Gagiev’s extradition to Russia three times since his arrest in 2015.
The latest extradition attempt was foiled as Gagiev was on his way to Vienna airport after his lawyers presented documentation claiming that one of Russia’s most wanted criminals might not be able to survive the flight due to a newly contracted and severe fear of flying.

A source cited by Kommersant says the Investigative Committee hopes that Gagiev, also known as Dzhako, would end up in a Russian jail by late December or early January. “This isn’t about aerophobia! Dzhako simply knows that a life sentence awaits him in Russia,”
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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Putin's Angels: Inside Russia's Most Infamous Motorcycle Club

The leader's name is the Surgeon, and he is the president of the Night Wolves, the largest motorcycle club in Russia.

The motorcycle club's leader has transformed a biker gang into a self-styled vanguard of patriotic holy warriors, reportedly 5,000 strong, with close ties to the Kremlin.

Vladimir Putin, left, speaks with members of the Night Wolves biker group
He can regularly be heard trumpeting the country's greatness while warning that its enemies — America, Europe, homosexuals, liberals, traitorous "fifth columnists" — intend to undermine Mother Russia.

He and the other Night Wolves often hold motorcycle rallies to promote Russian patriotism and Orthodox Christianity, making rumbling pilgrimages to churches and holy sites. He has vowed to defend the Kremlin from Maidan-inspired protesters and has pledged to die for Vladimir Putin, the country's president. He has famously declared that "wherever the Night Wolves are, that should be considered Russia."
In 2013, Putin awarded the Night Wolves' leader an Order of Honor for his "patriotic education of youth."

Putin turned the club into "auxiliaries of the state" as part of a broader push to turn potential adversaries into compliant allies.

Alexander Zaldostanov: Nickname 'Surgeon' head of the Night Wolves MC

The Surgeon flirted with modeling the Night Wolves on the HA, they reportedly operated according to a word-for-word Russian translation of the Hells Angels' rule book.

Now he is a detractor of outlaw clubs. In the Russian press, he has called them "arms dealers," "demons" and "drug cartels on wheels."

In June 2015 he asked Russia's parliament to include both the Bandidos and Hells Angels on the government's new list targeting "undesirable" foreign organizations.

Fentanyl seizures skyrocket at AZ border as deaths double in US

5 pounds of fentanyl were smuggled in this stroller
The amount of fentanyl seized this year at Arizona’s ports of entry on the Mexico border skyrocketed 600 percent over last year. Nearly 140 pounds were seized this year at Arizona’s ports, enough for almost 32 million fatal doses, and enough to make traffickers up to $1.3 billion. Fentanyl seizures at Arizona ports of entry jumped from 20 pounds in fiscal 2016 to nearly 140 pounds in fiscal 2017.
About 950 pounds of fentanyl were seized nationwide by CBP from October 2016 to the end of August 2017, more than double the 440 pounds seized in fiscal 2016. The number of people who died from overdoses of fentanyl and fentanyl variations in the U.S. doubled from last January to this January, from 9,945 to 20,145.

Fentanyl trade occurs across the southwest border both to Mexico from the U.S. and vice versa for manufacturing and consumption, according to the DEA. The supply lines for fentanyl are the same as the ones used for heroin

Saturday, November 25, 2017

London gang war feared after crime lord beaten to death

Gangs of Romanian thugs could be dragged into a violent turf war on UK soil after an immigrant crime lord was beaten to death. Drug and people trafficker Sorin Serbu, 36, was ambushed and clubbed unconscious by up to five masked thugs. He died in hospital following the incident outside Global Romanian Bar in Ilford, East London. Police fear Serbu’s killing will trigger more violence.

Serbu made millions from drugs and prostitution in Western Europe before moving his empire to Italy. His move into London was resisted by Romanian gangs already there. Serbu tried to muscle in and imported around 100 prostitutes.
The arrival of competition like that rocked the boat. A savage crowbar beating of a Romanian in Luton is linked to Serbu's death. A supporter said in a Romanian Facebook post: “Whoever did this will be turned to dust.”

Aged mobster tied to Boston art heist undergoes psychiatric tests

A federal judge on Wednesday refused to release Gardner museum heist person of interest Robert Gentile to home confinement and dismissed his claim that federal authorities are tormenting him by shuttling him between penal institutions. The 82-year-old Hartford mobster, who is being held while awaiting sentencing on gun charges, was ordered moved to a North Carolina prison medical center in late September for a mental competency examination. Last week, after the judge on his case inquired about the examination, authorities disclosed that it had been delayed and Gentile was waiting in a federal prison in New York City.
Robert Gentile, 81, appeared in court for sentencing on charges he pleaded guilty to in April, but claimed to have no memory of entering a plea or any of the events involved. Gentile had pleaded guilty to charges of illegally selling guns to a felon. His attorney said the charges resulted from a sting operation aimed at pressuring him into providing details on 13 pieces of art stolen in one of the longest unsolved high-profile crimes in Boston’s history.

Among the stolen works was 'The Concert', one of only 34 known works by Vermeer and thought to be the most valuable stolen painting at over $200 million.

'The Concert' by Vermeer
Some $500 million worth of art, including Rembrandt’s 'Storm on the Sea of Galilee' was stolen from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in March 1990. The Gardner heist was carried out by two men dressed in police uniforms who apparently overpowered a night security guard who had buzzed them in. During a polygraph test, Gentile had an intense reaction when shown images of the missing paintings, while he remained calm when shown unrelated artwork. The museum initially offered a reward of $5 million. In 2017 this was doubled to $10 million with an expiration date set to the end of the year.

'A Lady and Gentleman in Black' by Rembrandt, painted in 1633.
27 years after the heist, the empty frames still hang in the Gardner Museum.

'Chez Tortoni' by Manet.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Dealer; "buy a kilo of heroin now, you may as well pave a road with it.”

A fentanyl dealer in Vancouver says he’s killed people through his line of work. "I was loathe to get into the fentanyl trade. People called me a martyr for the cause of heroin. I was a straggler. I didn’t want to. But it’s reached full market saturation. If you buy a kilo of heroin now, you may as well pave a road with it. Nobody wants it.”

He says that people take fentanyl on purpose. “The overdoses are from people asking for fentanyl” he said. “They aren’t just saying, ‘Give me some heroin.’ They are screaming for fentanyl.”
Asked why he would sell a volatile product that's killing his client base, the dealer responded, “They’d go to Joe Blow that has it. It’s supply and demand. If I don’t do it, somebody else will.”