Wednesday, November 1, 2017

1130 kg Cocaine Seized by Portugal

A container ship carrying more than one tonne of cocaine has been seized by Portugal’s drug enforcement agency. The vessel was intercepted in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean by the Portuguese Navy and Air Force.

It’s thought to belong to a transnational criminal organization. About 1,130 kilograms of cocaine were taken from the vessel, which was coming from Latin America and were intended to be distributed across several European countries.
Costa Rican police have seized 9.4 tons of cocaine halfway through 2017.

More than 8,000 kilos of cocaine was discovered on board two vessels in Spain in May. In July 3.8 tons of cocaine was seized in a record bust by Hamburg police. The drugs had a reported street value of 800 million euros ($920 million).

Even New Zealand's small cocaine market hasn't escaped notice. There was a record haul of 46kg of cocaine smuggled into Tauranga yesterday.