Friday, September 8, 2023

HA Russell Allen Lyles, Jr pulls 5 years

Russell Allen Lyles, Jr., aka J.R., 36, bolted when his Sonoma County Hells Angels MC was busted. He was reeled in and sentenced to five years in federal prison after pleading guilty to involvement in a racketeering conspiracy and assault. “Lyles often used his fists to punish individuals for their behavior or to ‘toughen them up,” his attorney wrote in a document that denies Lyles committed assaults to further the Hells Angels. While Lyles pleaded guilty, six other Hells Angels took their case before a jury in two separate trials.
Five of the six were convicted of crimes including assaults, robberies, extortion plots and the murder of a Hells Angel. The sentence is the first to be handed down in the large bust of the club, which started in 2017 and included top HA in Sonoma, Fresno and Boston. Several more HA, including four convicted of murder, are expected to receive life or decades in federal prison. Raymond 'Ray Ray' Foakes and HA Christopher 'Rain Man' Ranieri are among the done for.
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