Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Colombo mob boss won't collect jailhouse ping pong winnings

Mob life is dangerous. So, apparently, is ping pong for Thomas 'Tommy Shots' Gioeli. The wiseguy launched and won a lawsuit for compensation after a jailhouse ping pong fall.

Thomas 'Tommy Shots' Gioeli
Gioeli argued in court filings that the federal government was trying to “claw back” the settlement money so it could be “rewarded for the fruits of its own bad behavior.” A federal judge ruled that Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli will have to use his portion of the lawsuit cash, more than $182,000, to pay restitution to his victims. “What the defendant really wants to do is stiff the Government on his forfeiture obligation and spend the money on something he would prefer. But the law doesn’t permit that.”

Thomas Salvatore Gioeli, 'Tommy Shots' (born 1952), is a high-ranking member of the Colombo crime family. Gioeli is incarcerated in North Carolina on racketeering and murder charges. His projected release date is September 9, 2024.