Saturday, November 11, 2017

Lexington Hells Angel hired associate to kill ex-wife

Jerry Oliver needed money. Debts were piling up and his ex-wife was a problem. So Oliver, 52, hired a friend to kill her to make sure that she didn't get any of his 401(k) retirement money. He gave his friend a Glock semiautomatic pistol with a full magazine and a bullet in the chamber. Unknown to Oliver, a full patch member of the Lexington County-Columbia chapter of the Hells Angels, his friend was a source for the FBI.

Oliver and the FBI source discussed accessing the ex-wife’s Facebook page to see what she looked like and the best way to kill her, including “a gang-banger drive-by shooting”
Oliver told the FBI source he would leave a gun under the front seat of an old Studebaker car on his property. With three FBI agents in tow the friend retrieved the loaded Glock .40-caliber handgun with a round chambered. Unfortunately for Oliver the source was wearing a wire and the FBI made numerous recordings. Oliver requested a hearing to see if a judge would set bond so he get out of jail pending his trial. But, after hearing the testimony, the judge ruled Oliver was both a flight risk and a danger to the community. He will be kept in custody until trial.

In 2013 three Lexington Hells Angels were convicted of racketeering, drug trafficking, money laundering and firearm offenses. Mark "Lightening" Baker was sentenced to 15 years and 8 months in prison, "Gravel" Dave Oiler was sentenced to 16 years and 8 months, and Bruce "Bruce-Bruce" Long was sentenced to 14 years.