Thursday, November 16, 2017

Montreal Mob Lawyer Loris Cavaliere released to halfway house

It was only nine months ago, on Feb. 1, that defence lawyer Loris Cavaliere, 63, pleaded guilty to a gangsterism charge and a charge related to a firearm. Cavaliere was sentenced to a 26-month prison term for the gangsterism charge and eight months consecutive for possession of the 9mm pistol.

Cavaliere was arrested as part of an investigation into drug trafficking in the city. The investigation revealed that as early as 2012, Cavaliere was a key figure in an alliance forged between members of the Montreal Mafia, the Hells Angels and influential street gang leaders.
Cavaliere told the parole board he is no longer interested in working as a lawyer. He said that he is currently suspended from the Quebec Bar Association and that a hearing on his status with the bar is scheduled for January.
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