Friday, June 26, 2020

Richard Eduardo Riquelme Vega - the Rich One

There's more trouble in paradise for Richard Eduardo Riquelme Vega. 'El Rico' (the Rich One) Evidence against him comes from Blackberry phones found on Kinahan associate Naoufal ‘Belly’ Fassih in April 2016. One message saw El Rico email Fassih in Dublin about “500 kilos” they planned to deliver to “that snake”, a reference to another Dutch criminal.The torso of 23-year-old Moroccan Nabil Amzieb was discovered in a burning car.
Vega was arrested in a Santiago hotel in 2017 after ariving from Dubai. He’s wanted in Holland, where a brutal turf war culminated with a severed head being found on an Amsterdam street.
El Rico is believed to be on the top rung of the gang responsible for the beheading and is the right-hand man of Naoufal Fassih, who was arrested in Dublin in a Kinahan safe house. At least 16 people have died in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain in related underworld killings since March 2012, when a Dutch gang known as the Turtles stole cocaine worth £14m, part of a larger shipment – much of it destined for the British market. Known as "the most dangerous Chilean in the world", El Rico and his Moroccan associates in the Netherlands have forged tight links with the Kinahan mob. The Dublin-based Kinahans are key players in the trade.
Crime boss Christy Kinahan
The arrest of El Rico was another major blow to the Kinahans. Over 18 months, police seized €4m in cash, €55m in drugs and 40 firearms.

With the chain of the distribution broken, organized crime groups will need to reorganize as they look for new supply. Police fear the potential chaos of a drug feud. Prices of cocaine soared for dealers and users. Drug barons in Glasgow can currently buy 98 percent pure cocaine for up to £42,000 a kilo. It is heavily cut and by the time it’s sold for £35 to £55 a gram on the streets, its purity can be less than 10%.
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