Saturday, November 18, 2017

'Stone cold killer': Police video captures Joshua Frank confession

Joshua Frank sat in the front seat of a pickup truck, thinking he was meeting with a crime boss when he calmly described the night he snuck into a central Alberta farmhouse and shot Gordon, Sandra and Monica Klaus.

Frank and Jason Klaus are each charged with three counts of first-degree murder. RCMP in the undercover operation videotaped the sting.
'Mr. Big' asked, "So would it be safe to say you're a stone cold killer?" Frank smiled and replied, "I guess." The two men shared a laugh. Frank said Klaus approached him a couple of weeks before the murders. He had been writing cheques on his father's account. "So he proposed we go in and take them out and burn down the farm."

Jason Klaus and Joshua Frank
Frank calmly told Mr. Big about shooting the three victims. "I'm not a fucking animal. Well, I guess I kind of am." Frank said "I shot Gordon first. In the head." He said he shot Sandra in the temple. The gunshots woke Monica up and he shot her in the head. He wanted to be sure they were all dead. "Then I went and double tapped them."