Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Willy Wonka's 'Golden Ticket' escapes jail

In one text, he said 'loose lips sink ships' but despite that word got out.
A low level drug dealer who jumped at the chance to help himself to a share of £50m worth of cocaine washed up on a beach has avoided jail. Julian Underhill texted a friend to say he had 'found Willy Wonka's golden ticket' when he spotted some of the 360kg (794 lbs) of cocaine spread across beaches in Caister-on-Sea and Hopton-on-Sea near Great Yarmouth in February. Underill, 34, took around a kilo of the cocaine, worth between '£20,000 and £30,000' before police confiscated it. Packages that were picked up contained cocaine of 94 per cent purity.
See ----->http://gangstersoutt.blogspot.ca/2017/09/uk-doper-stumbles-on-356kg-of-cocaine.html v