Saturday, May 8, 2021

A model girlfriend and a Rolls Royce: Memories for Darren Mohr

The party was over for Darren Mohr in 2020. The Oz 'businessman' involved in a drug syndicate that tried to import more than a tonne of cocaine into Australia was sentenced to 18 years in jail. Mohr flaunted his wealth and extravagant lifestyle on social media extensively before his arrest. His Sydney-based drug ring was dismantled by police following raids on Christmas Day 2016 at the Sydney Fish Markets.
Mohr was refused bail and has spent all his time in custody. Mohr's group tried to import five shipments of cocaine and heroin from South America, including 600 kg of cocaine worth $197m that was intercepted by the French Navy in Tahiti in March, 2016. The 1.1 tonne seizure is the largest in Australian history. A 32 kg haul of heroin was also seized in Fiji.