Friday, December 22, 2017

Baltimore Police Good and Corrupt

Antonio Shropshire
An investigation links Baltimore Detective Sean Suiter to the drug kingpin whose case brought down a team of Baltimore police officers. Antonio Shropshire stood trial in October with four others. A jury found all five guilty on federal drug charges. The Shropshire drug ring eventually exposed police misconduct. In March seven Baltimore City police officers were indicted for a racketeering conspiracy. The accused officers were robbing victims, filing false affidavits, and made fraudulent overtime claims while they vacationed and gambled at casinos.
Detective Sean Suiter was killed in November with his own gun, which was found at the scene.
Cops identified were Momodu Bondeva Kenton Gondo, Wayne Earl Jenkins, Evodio Calles Hendrix, Maurice Kilpatrick Ward, Jemell Lamar Rayam, Daniel Thomas Hersl and Marcus Roosevelt Taylor. All were suspended without pay and are in custody of the FBI.

Hersl “readily admits” to “bad conduct” in taking money from arrestees. But his lawyer plans to argue to a jury that he had the legal authority to stop people and seize drugs, guns and money. Any money then “converted for personal use” is theft, not robbery or extortion. Hersl was featured in a 2014 story which examined police lawsuit settlements. He had amassed 29 complaints. From 2007 to 2010, the city paid $200k to settle three lawsuits against Hersl. He broke a man’s jaw and nose, broke a woman’s arm, and arrested a woman who was selling church raffle tickets.