Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Brazilian bank robbers tunnel through sewers in daring heist

Bank robbers in the Brazilian city of Americana used a sewage network to tunnel into a bank and carry out a daring robbery.

Banco do Brasil’s security company went to inspect a branch when it noticed the security cameras had stopped working. When staff arrived at the scene they discovered a hole in the floor of the vault room. Criminals had managed to tunnel through and crack open the bank’s safes. The robbers left behind the tools they used in the daring break-in, including angle grinders, crowbars, electric cables, torches, and a transformer.
Police recently foiled an attempted robbery on another Banco do Brasil branch in Sao Paulo. Some 16 people were arrested in what could have been "the biggest bank robbery in the world,” according to investigators. The gang excavated a 500-meter-long tunnel over the course of four months and they were on the brink of breaking into the vault before investigators swooped in.