Monday, December 25, 2017

High-end robbery ring dismantled in Montreal

Mario Stephano Guillerno Astudillo Olivares, 26, Hans Leonardo Llanquinao Gonzalez, 37, Carlos Mendez, 40, Enrique Felipe Mendez, 24, Luis Tito Parades Pinedo, 51, Simon Perez, 50, and Hugo David Ruiz Santibanez, 41.
Montreal police say they have dismantled a ring of thieves that have been breaking into luxury homes and businesses.

They say an organized group of South American suspects is behind the 130 break-ins since June 2016. Heads of the network frequently used people with precarious status in Canada, such as foreign visitors, to commit robberies. In the past month, police have carried out nine raids and made 12 arrests in Montreal, Boucherville and Laval, linking the suspects to the rash of break-ins.