Monday, December 4, 2017

No 'Happy Ending' for Oz Bikie in Brothel Dispute

A member of the Hells Angels claims he was unfairly dismissed from a Melbourne brothel and denied up to $600,000 in entitlements. But lawyers representing the Number 100 brothel on Johnston Street have accused Joe Larosa, a member of the Hells Angels Thomastown chapter, of extorting weekly payments of more than $1500. The brothel, which promotes itself as "Melbourne's home of the happy ending", claims there was never an employment relationship with Mr Larosa.
Larosa, who initiated Federal Court proceedings in 2014, claims he was appointed as senior manager by the brothel's former owner in 2002. Larosa said he was responsible for a range of tasks including administrative duties. In 2011, the brothel changed hands and in June 2014 Mr Larosa's role was terminated. Most of the claims made by Larosa have been denied in a defence statement by the owner of the brothel, Benzcorp Pty Limited.
The owner, who is understood to be concerned about the safety of his family, recently had 11 security cameras installed at his home in Melbourne's inner-north.