Sunday, December 3, 2017

Ottawa Pharmacist faked robbery to cover up fentanyl trafficking

An Ottawa pharmacist who faked a robbery at his own drugstore to cover up the “mountains” of fentanyl patches he trafficked has been found guilty of his crimes. In October 2014 Waseem Shaheen reported a knifepoint robbery at his Rideau Street I.D.A. pharmacy. The bandit had allegedly made away with more than $25,000 worth of fentanyl patches. When a patrol cop arrived, Shaheen couldn’t describe the robber, had no clue about a getaway car and directed police to surveillance video.
The video that a federal prosecutor would later contend was nothing more than a staged piece of theatre.
A month after the robbery, pharmacy records showed Shaheen had filled what were clearly fake prescriptions for more than 1,500 fentanyl patches in the name of one man — Mehdi Rostaee. In 2013 and 2014, the pharmacy had purchased 6,705 fentanyl patches in 100-microgram doses and sold fewer than half. The rest were unaccounted for. Shaheen testified that he simply kept lousy records and couldn’t keep track of the fentanyl. The judge found Shaheen’s version of events to be a “self-serving web of lies.”
Shaheen has yet to be sentenced.
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