Saturday, December 16, 2017

Oz cocaine kingpin Owen Hanson jailed in US

Owen Hanson grew up in Redondo Beach, and his physical prowess scored him a place on the University of Southern California football team. A San Diego court heard how greed led Hanson to grow from a low-level drug dealer selling cocaine and steroids to USC team-mates to the head of a criminal enterprise that shipped huge quantities of cocaine to Australia for massive profits. Hanson, 35, showed no emotion when a judge sentenced him to 21 years' jail.

Prosecutors said a kilo of cocaine in southern California costs approximately $US25,000. while in Australia it costs about $US200,000.
His days as a crime boss running the violent international drug ring came to an end in 2015 when a US-Australian law enforcement operation led to his arrest in San Diego. Hanson trafficked "hundreds of kilograms of cocaine" from California to Australia.

Hanson had red paint splattered on the gravestone of the mother of a debtor and then sent DVDs showing beheadings of people - one with a chainsaw. Hanson agreed to forfeit $US5 million in cash and assets, including properties in Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru, and luxury cars.