Sunday, December 17, 2017

Quebec Hells Angels oppose Fentanyl - Report

Traffickers in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood, who cut their drugs with fentanyl to boost their profits, "ate a lot" of hired thugs sent by the bikers according to a report from sources, both from the policing community, and close to the underworld. The Hells message has spread like wildfire in the network of hard drug dealers in the city.

The Hells say they do not want to know anything about fentanyl and they don't touch it. But the fact remains that it is still sold on 'their' territory say police. The Hells Angels control the provincial drug market like never before in 40 years in Quebec.
The Hells responded after heroin and cocaine traffickers were labeled with "low-scale" biker relations after busts that saw 80 dealers charged. Many of these defendants remain in pretrial detention or have been released on stringent bail conditions while awaiting trial. As a result, the number of fentanyl overdoses decreased significantly in Montreal.

The SPVM and the SQ had made fighting fentanyl one of their priorities after seven fatal overdoses occurred in a single day in Montreal on August 18th.