Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Vittorio Mirarchi revisited - 'future godfather' released from prison (Dec 2017)

Vittorio Mirarchi, a protégé of boss Raynald Desjardins regained his freedom from the prison of Saint-Jerome, where he was jailed for his role in plotting the murder of Salvatore 'the iron worker' Montagna. Mirarchi was arrested on December 20, 2011 at the same time as Desjardins. Their text messages were intercepted by police while they were preparing the crime. The mafioso was sentenced to nine years, five years less than the boss. Cops say the Quebecker with Calabrian origins could be the next godfather.
Part of the $300k in various currencies that police found at Mirarchi's condo.

One of two hidden Mirarchi safes.
Cops think Mirarchi has the potential and the means to take the helm of an Italian mafia. Mirarchi is suspected of being a major cocaine importer, although he has never been charged with that crime. While in jail, the RCMP arrested 58 alleged traffickers - including well-known mafiosi like Liborio Cuntrera and Marco Pizzi. 49 of them were released, largely thanks to a judicial victory by the lawyers paid for by Mirarchi. He wanted to force the Crown to disclose how the RCMP had watched his 16 BlackBerrys. He was proven right. The Crown negotiated guilty pleas on reduced charges. Most of the defendants in project Clemenza were granted a stay.
It remains to be seen if Mirarchi is interested in the throne. If so he needs to be accepted by the Sicilians and able to do business with the remains of the Rizzuto clan and the surging Hells Angels.

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