Monday, December 31, 2018

Chérif Chekatt: ‘gangster-jihadist’

French police call them “gangster-jihadists” – young men, often from poor immigrant backgrounds, who start with petty crime, drug dealing and robbery and graduate to terrorism. The profile of Strasbourg attacker Chérif Chekatt is familiar in France. Chekatt was born in Strasbourg in 1989, into a Moroccan family.

He first fell into into petty crime, then gangster circles. He moved into Islamic extremism during a spell in prison between 2013 and 2015.
Like many youths growing up in outer-city housing projects in France, Chekatt was poor and unemployed.
“He seemed normal. Just a normal guy.”Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, responsible for the attacks on the newspaper Charlie Hebdo in 2015 when 12 people were killed, came from suburban housing projects. Residents in the housing block at Les Poteries where Chekatt lived were stunned – as were neighbours of all of the previous terror suspects.

Former Credit Suisse bankers charged in $2 billion loan fraud

At least $200 million of the proceeds were used as bribes and kickbacks.Three former Credit Suisse bankers have been charged by the United States over their role in a fraudulent loan scheme that prosecutors allege included at least $200 million in bribes and kickbacks. Andrew Pearse, Surjan Singh and Detelina Subeva have been indicted in New York for helping to arrange over $2 billion in loans that were guaranteed by the government of Mozambique.

Bildkombi Nyusi, Armando Guebuza, Manuel Chang
The arrests came five days after former Mozambique Finance Minister Manuel Chang was arrested in South Africa as part of the same criminal case. A fifth man, Jean Boustani, was arrested at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport as he tried to flee.

The state-owned companies missed more than $700m in loan payments after defaulting in 2016 and 2017. In a statement, Credit Suisse made clear that no action had been taken against the bank itself.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Preveceutical (PREV.c) files civil suit against BridgeMark

Preveceutical Medical Inc. filed a notice of civil claim against Aly Babu Mawji, Justin Liu, BridgeMark Financial Corp., Rockshore Advisors Ltd. (Cam Paddock Enterprises Inc.), Detona Capital Corp., Escher Invest SA, Essos Corporate Services Inc., Jarman Capital Inc., JCN Capital Corp., Kendl Capital Ltd., Lukor Capital, Northwest Marketing and Management Inc., Sway Capital Corp. and Tryton Financial Corp.

Preveceutical Medical made claims against the BridgeMark group for fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of contract, conspiracy, unjust enrichment and breach of duty of honest performance in connection with services that the BridgeMark group has failed to provide.
The relief sought by Preveceutical includes: (i) rescission of the consulting agreements and the subscription agreements; (ii) all necessary actions to effect such recession, including an order that the relevant members of the BridgeMark group return the securities issued to them by Preveceutical Medical under the subscription agreements and refund the consulting fees paid to them by Preveceutical Medical under the consulting agreements.
Upshot? Not much to see here. It will very likely take years to obtain judgement and by then for certain nothing will be left. All the crooks will be needing to file lawsuits moving forward. This protects their own grossly dirty anuses. What IS interesting is if Provincial civil forfeiture offices get involved ... which some are suggesting is already happening. Jackson's $ 16m home/palace is ripe for the plucking.

Florida Keys fisherman’s cocaine catch worth $500,000

A fisherman spotted 25 plastic-wrapped packages which turned out to be high purity cocaine. DEA Miami office said in 2017 that pure cocaine goes for $26,000 to $28,000 per kilogram. Using that price range and the weight range given, the bales are worth $473,000 to $761,600, wholesale.
In February a 32-year-old Florida Panhandle fisherman was sentenced to 6 years in prison after finding a bale of cocaine in the Gulf of Mexico and setting up a distribution network to sell the drugs.

Thomas Zachary Breeding is warning others not to do what he did.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Elite Mexican cartel-hunting cop dies in ambush

Members of Mexico's elite cartel fighting unit Fuerza Coahuila responded to reports of a gun battle–only to be fired upon by gunmen who set a trap. After the shootout, the gunmen fled by carjacking various vehicles to cover their escape. The attackers were responsible for at least five separate auto thefts during their successful getaway.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Rock Habib-Joumaa whacked on Christmas Day

RCMP are looking for two suspects in a Christmas shooting in a parking lot in North Vancouver. Rock Habib-Joumaa, 25, who was known to police, was killed.

Listing the BridgeMark Chit

Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. - ATT.c - $.07
Aria Standard Holdings -
Arcturus Ventures Inc. - AZN.h - $ .08
AIS Resources Ltd. AIS.v - $ .07
Affinor Growers - AFI.c - $.03
Arian Resources - ARC.h - Suspended
Altan Rio Metals - AMO.v - $ .005
Altan Nevada Minerals Limited - ANE.v - $ .01
Beleave Inc. - BE.c - $.07
BLOCKStrain Technology Corp. - DNAX.v - $.115
Blockchaink2 Corp. - BITK.v - $ .305
BLOK Technologies - BLK.c - $.015
Blocplay Entertainment Inc - PLAY.c - No Bid
Catalina Gold Corp. - VPO.h
Cipher Resources Inc. - CIFR.v - $.07
Cryptobloc Technologies - CRYP.v - .005
Element Lifestyle Retirement Inc. - ELM.v - $ .12
Eyecarrot Innovations - EYC.c - $0.13
Fire River Gold Corp - FAUH.h - Suspended
GBLT Corp - GBLT.c - $ .12
Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd. - GLH.c - $.11
Good Life Networks Inc. - GOOD.v - $.19
Green 2 Blue Energy - GTBE.c - $.07
Global UAV Technologies Ltd. - UAV.c -$.035
Intact Gold Corp. - ITG.v - $.06
Katipult Technology Corp. - FUND.v - $ .345
Koios Beverage Corp. - KBEV.c - $ .24

Kincora Copper Limited. - KCC.c - $.115
Kootenay Zinc Corp - ZNK.c - $.055
LOOPshare - LOOP.c - $0.05
Liht Cannabis Corp. - LIHT.c - $0.17
LiCo Energy Metals Inc. - LIC.v - $ .07
MegumaGold Corp. Mining - NSAU.c - $ .14
Montego Resources Inc - MY.c - $ .04
New Point Exploration - NP.c - Halted
New Tech Lithium NTM.c - $0.03
NuRan Wireless - NUR.c - $ .055
Pure Global Cannabis Inc. PURE.c - $0.13
PreveCeutical Medical - PREV.c - $.04
Prize Mining Corporation - PRZ.v - $ .04
Quantum Cobalt - QBOT.c - $ .045
Rio2 Mining - RIO.v - $ .44
Silver Predator Corp. - SPD.v - $ .075
Speakeasy Cannabis - EASY.c - $0.34
Tiller Resources Ltd. - TIR.h - Suspended
Transatlantic Mining - TCO.v - $.035
Tisdale Resources Corp. - TRC.v - $.17
Vantex Resources Ltd. - VAX.v - $.12
And away we go with a growing list of public chit directly connected to Anthony Jackson and the BridgeMark Group. Beware these names, greatly; Steven Hoffman, Anthony Jackson, Lisa Jackson, Konstantin Lichtenwald, Viktona Lichtenwald, Simran Gill, Cam Paddock, Valerie Raiagorodskaia, Robert Howe, Von Rowell Torres, Danilen Villanueva, Kenneth Tollstam, Ryan Venier, Quinn Field-Dyte, Justin Liu, Richard Grieve, Mo Ahmad, Scott Jason Jarman.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. - Scott Jason Jarman

"Due to an oversight, the company did not timely disseminate a news release or file a Form 9 with the Canadian Securities Exchange respecting the closing. The company confirms that it has now filed the required Form 9 and apologizes to its shareholders for the delay in informing them of the closing."
Named and disgraced securities mutt Mr. Scott Jason Jarman CONTINUES to abuse the 'consultant exemption.'

"Abattis has recently unveiled its new marketing and branding materials, developed in conjunction with media company Canada One Communications."

Robert Abenante
And that's the level of respect of open career securities criminals. The BCSC is a global joke and the main reason career criminal scum come to Vancouver to globally and gleefully rip stupid folks off. A massive bust and it slows these types down not at all. Amazing.

227 kilos of cocaine-cutting agent phenacetin seized in Surrey

A storage facility raid conducted last month resulted in the seizure of six kilograms of meth and 227kg of cocaine cutting agent phenacetin. Known as "super buff" it would be very valuable to coke dealers. Cops also found an industrial pill press, dyes, and pill-binding agents.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Man linked to Hells Angels shot dead in Saint-Leonard - Update

David Lefebvre, Sébastien Beauchamps Sébastien Beauchamps, 44, was considered a close associate of David Lefebvre, one of Montreal's most influential bikers. The Mascouche man was intimate enough to accompany him to a boxing gala in Quebec City in July 2016, and to console him after the death of HA Kenny Bédard. Lefebvre quickly rose after SharQc and is considered the godfather of the violent Minotaurs, a puppet club. This relationship with the upper echelons has led several sources to say that the murder of Sébastien Beauchamps was "authorized in high places".
44-year-old Sebastien Beauchamps has died after a shooting in broad daylight in Saint-Leonard. He has ties to the Hells Angels. His body was found next to a Jeep Cherokee at an Ultramar gas station. He had been shot multiple times.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Cops raid Oz HA president Angelo Pandeli

Police raided the waterfront Sydney home of Hells Angels national president Angelo Pandeli as part of an investigation into a drug importation plot. He escaped without conviction on tax fraud in June, a setback for the tax evasion crackdown of the National Anti-Gangs Unit.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

TV Finance "Guru" charged in $1.2b Ponzi Scheme

Jordan E. Goodman marketed himself as "America's Money Answers Man." He appeared regularly on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, CBS, and ABC. The SEC announced fraud charges against Goodman in Miami. The SEC says that from 2014 to 2017, Goodman told the public to invest in California real-estate companies called the Woodbridge Group, "a massive Ponzi scheme".
In November, the SEC whacked the CEO of Woodbridge, Robert Shapiro, with a $120 million fine.
Goodman made a substantial sum by telling people to send money to what the government says was a massive scam. In 2014 he started telling people to dump money into Woodbridge. He touted Woodbridge's investments as "safe and secure." or "super safe." He even told people to dump their retirement accounts into Woodbridge.

Goodman helped Woodbridge raise $147 million from 1,200 investors in 28 states. In return Goodman earned over $2.3 million in kickbacks.

Mobster equally liable for prison ping-pong injury

A Colombo mobster who sued the Feds after he broke his kneecap playing prison ping-pong is equally liable, a judge has ruled. Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli is 50 percent at fault for his slip at the Metropolitan Detention Center. The mob boss slid in a puddle of water near the prison showers as he chased an errant ping pong ball. Gioeli was sentenced to 18 years in prison in 2012 after he was convicted of mob-related murders. Gioeli still owes the feds $365k in restitution as part of his sentence — meaning any money he’s awarded would go toward that debt first.

Cocoliso’s Barbershop served more than haircuts

Kansas City’s Cocoliso’s Barbershop had a small side business — slinging meth. Edwin “Cocoliso” Pacheco was running a $4 million enterprise out of the Minnesota Avenue store where he stashed stacks of cash in the closet.

The barber's deals were captured by law enforcement stings involving a revolving door of customers. When cops moved in they seized $15,000 cash and confiscated 12 pounds of crank from Pacheco’s Jeep Liberty.
The barbershop was five blocks from KCK police HQ.

Jason Bell, 38, of Kansas City was sentenced to four years and four months in federal prison after pleading guilty for his role in the ring.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Long Island HA buy church for new clubhouse - Update

The Hells Angels have purchased a former church and plan to use it as the club’s new Suffolk County chapter headquarters. Town officials said club leadership have been 'cooperative' and say they will be 'good neighbors.' The town cannot prevent the group from using the site as long as they abide by local codes.

The club plans to renovate the building, which has been vacant for several years. One assumes the crucifix won't survive the rebuild.
Uneasy neighbors said the move of the Hells Angels into their neighborhood came without warning. Suffolk residents remember past feuds between the Hells Angels and their rivals the Pagans. A recent party attracted 200 and a live band.

Flores brothers imported 38 tons of cocaine from El Chapo

The Flores brothers were fixtures in Chicago's Little Village. They learned the cocaine trade from their dad. By age 17, Margarito and Pedro Flores were jointly operating a cocaine franchise in Chicago on behalf of drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. Pedro Flores told the federal jury in New York that they returned over $800m in cash back to the Mexican cartel.
The Flores pleaded guilty in their own case and are currently serving 14-year prison sentences while in witness protection. El Chapo, if convicted, is facing a mandatory sentence of life.

Cops have “viable suspects” in Konaam Shirzad hit

Konaam Shirzad was whacked outside his Kamloops home on the evening of Sept. 21, 2017. The 34-year-old, who owned a gym, was one of the founding members of the Red Scorpions. The Crown was successful in asking a judge to extend the length of time police can hold onto exhibits seized in connection with Shirzad’s murder. Police have 'viable suspects', but there isn’t enough evidence to lay charges. Less than three weeks after Shirzad’s death, fellow Red Scorpion Ibrahim Amjad Ibrahim was killed in Richmond.
Security cameras caught these two men walking toward Konaam Shirzad’s home shortly before he was killed.

See ----->Gangster Ibrahim Amjad Ibrahim, 30, whacked in Richmond