Monday, January 22, 2018

ATM Heists gone Bad

A man is blown up by his own explosion as he tried to steal cash from an ATM in Scotland. The would-be thief, who suffered 'life-threatening' injuries, was flung into the air as a ball of fire erupted from the ATM in Clydebank. He sustained extensive injuries to his face and head, while an accomplice escaped unhurt. Police are on the search for the second man, who can be seen in the video collecting a bag and walking away from the scene as he leaves his injured colleague behind. Debris from the destroyed ATM was said to be scattered as far as 25 yards away from the blast while nearby shop windows also suffered damage. The injured man, 51, was found unconscious and was said to be in a critical condition.
A man who blew up a cash machine in the Darwin suburb of Winnellie in 2016 was knocked backwards by the explosion, CCTV footage shows.

The man's thongs were blown off his feet and he fled barefoot. The ATM on Albatross Street was a tangled mess of electronics and broken metal when police arrived, alerted by an alarm triggered at about 3:45am.