Saturday, January 6, 2018

Carfentanil appearing with frightening frequency across Canada

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit advised the public Friday that carfentanil may be present in street drugs in the northwestern Ontario city after a laboratory report. It is the first time the opioid has been found in Thunder Bay. Alberta RCMP laid drug trafficking charges after the seizure of drugs containing carfentanil in Airdrie earlier this month. RCMP said the carfentanil seized was mixed with heroin. Last month Peterborough police warned the public about carfentanil which was seized for the first time in that city. In December the OPP warned the public after drugs seized in Simcoe tested positive for carfentanil.
A week previously police in Estevan, Saskatchewan warned the public that carfentanil has been detected there. Police in Woodstock, Ont announced positive results for carfentanil from samples seized in September.
As profitable as fentanyl is for street dealers, carfentanil is exponentially moreso.

While a fatal amount of fentanyl is about two milligrams, a fatal dose of carfentanil is two micrograms, 1/1000 and roughly the same as a grain of salt.