Thursday, January 4, 2018

David Hair pleads guilty to leading role in Platinum SB

David Hair, 50, has admitted he helped lead a lucrative, illegal sports gambling scheme that grossed more than $100 million in five years. Hair will be sentenced to two years. He also agreed to pay $3 million in fines, $2 million before he's actually sentenced on Feb. 21 and the remaining million within the next three years.
Hair remains out on $400,000 bail and still lives at the McCracken Court house in London’s exclusive Sunningdale neighbourhood, where police found $680,000 in bundled cash when a search warrant was executed in February 2013. Among those charged with bookmaking, participating in a criminal organization and keeping a common gaming house were Bill Miller, former president of the London chapter of the Hells Angels, and Andrew Bielli of London, also linked to the Hells Angels.

A month later, Rob Barletta and Christopher Rutledge were charged with committing a crime for a criminal organization and bookmaking in a second set of arrests.

Bill Miller

Charges against Barletta were withdrawn Sept. 12, 2016, the same day Gordon Baird admitted in a Toronto court that he was the administrator of Platinum. Baird received an 18-month conditional sentence, to be served in his home, and a $400,000 fine. Bielli pleaded guilty in January 2017 to possessing property obtained by crime over $5,000 and was sentenced to 15 months in custody.

It's thought Platinum SB grossed more than $103 million between 2009 and 2013. The 2013 Super Bowl party — which cost Platinum more than $100,000 — attracted 2,300 invitation-only guests, plus hundreds of raiding cops.
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