Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Fentanyl drug courier Tommy Van Phan pulls 8 1/2 years

Tommy Van Phan saw a “fast, easy” way to make money so that he could live an extravagant lifestyle. The 22-year-old Hamilton man — who was living for free at his parents’ home — quit his too boring data communications job and became a trusted courier for fentanyl and cocaine dealers in the fall of 2016. Within a few months, his grand dreams of a life of ease turned into a nightmare as Phan was busted in February 2017.
Toronto drug squad cops found one kilogram of fentanyl and four kilograms of cocaine concealed in his 2013 Honda Civic trunk.

The Crown argued for 12 years. Phan's lawyer said he was a first-time offender who comes from a supportive, law-abiding family, and should only serve 5 years. Good character reference letters stated Phan was dedicated to his family.