Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pagan's MC still rides, wreaks havoc on Jersey Shore

Ferdinand Augello, left, and Paul Pagano.The Pagans were back in the news for the usual reasons: accusations of drug dealing, murder plots, and undercover agents and confidential informants recording them. Augello and Pagano are charged in the case of James Kauffman, who is charged with having his wife murdered in 2012 and running a drug ring out of his office.
James and April Kauffman
Dr. James Kauffman, 68, was afraid his wife would go to authorities about a drug enterprise he was helping to operate with members of the Pagan's. So he hired a hitman to kill her. Kauffman faces conspiracy charges related to the murder as well as racketeering charges tied to the alleged drug scheme. James Kauffman "solicited" Augello in the summer of 2011 to kill his wife.

Francis Mulholland who is cousins with Pagan associate Joseph Mulholland, was given a gun and a ride to the Kauffman home in the early morning hours of May 10, 2012. Mulholland then went inside the home, which had been left open for him, and shot April Kauffman twice, killing her. Francis Mulholland died of a drug overdose in October 2013.

Francis Mulholland