Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sydney Airport baggage handler who made millions from Cocaine pulls 33 years

Baggage carousel technician Anthony Robert Parker helped cartels smuggle at very least 100kg of cocaine through Sydney Airport - and collected millions in the process. He used his access to the conveyor belt to intercept bags full of drugs arriving from Santiago, Chile. He would then load them on to an airport buggy and innocuously drive them out of the airport and deliver them to an unknown dealer.
Parker was paid handsomely, and blew his ill-gotten gains on holidays to Europe and the U.S., high-end jewellery, and he built a new home. Despite recruiting four people to launder money for him in bank deposits of just under $10,000, he still had $5 million in cash stashed under the stairs of his home in Sydney.

His enterprise came unglued on April 13, 2014, when baggage handlers picked up a kite surfing bag that was too heavy and bent oddly. While customs took the bag away for inspection Federal Police saw Parker waiting for it. Parker was finally arrested in September 2014 after a five-month investigation that started with the failed April shipment.
Parker was sentenced to 33 years in jail last month with a non-parole period of 22 years. Despite facing decades in prison, Parker never gave up his cartel partners and police still have no idea who he was working with.