Wednesday, February 14, 2018

26 million euro stolen in Swiss van heist - Update

The armored vehicle transporting the cash was driving on a highway toward Lausanne, Switzerland, around 7:45 a.m. Thursday when it was robbed. The driver was forced to leave the highway and pull into a parking lot before the van was emptied by armed men wearing hoods near the village of Chavornay.
Kidnappers held the daughter of one of the security guards hostage in France. The 22-year-old daughter was released after the heist, and three men escaped in a luxury sport utility vehicle from the parking lot at Chavornay. The heist was intricately planned and executed. There were no injuries and no arrests have been made.
French police have arrested a cash van driver and his daughter, who claimed she was held to ransom while a gang robbed millions from her father's vehicle in Switzerland. The 22-year-old daughter told police she was kidnapped from her apartment in the southeastern French city of Lyon by two men posing as plumbers.

She said the men bundled her into a car, tied her up and forced her to telephone her father who works for SOS Surveillance, a Swiss company that transports cash in armoured vans, to demand a ransom.