Sunday, February 25, 2018

Inside the Comanchero

The history of the Comanchero motorcycle club covers half a century. Jock Ross was a Glasgow-born former soldier who founded the club on the New South Wales Central Coast with four other motorcycle enthusiasts on April 15, 1966. Ross, the Comanchero's self-styled 'supreme commander', led the gang into the 1984 Milperra Massacre, in which four of his men, two Bandidos and a 14-year-old girl died. Following the Milperra Massacre, Ross maintained nominal control of the Comanchero for almost 20 years until a new breed of bikie arrived.
Rapid recruitment of Middle Eastern members in the late 1990s and increasing involvement in the drug trade changed the gang. Ross was in retirement when a group of the new brigade, including Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi, drove up to visit about 2002. The new members of the Comanchero, young and fearless, respected only money and power. Led my Mick Hawi, they delivered a vicious beating to the much older man.
They left him battered and took both his club colours and his Harley-Davidson. Ross was about 60. Hawi was barely 21.
Within a year the 22-year-old Hawi was national president. The Comanchero claim to follow a strict policy of not associating with other OMGs. They are enemies of the Bandidos, Hells Angels and Nomads. Hawi's leadership coincided with growing tension between the Comanchero and the HA. The Comanchero rapidly expanded their recruitment to include Middle Eastern, Greek and Serbians.

On March 22, 2009, Hawi was on a flight to Sydney with other Comanchero. Hells Angels president Derek Wainohu was also on board. Wainohu contacted gang members in Sydney. Comancheros did the same. When the two groups met, 12 Comanchero confronted five Hells Angels. HA associate Anthony Zervas was killed. Hawi was found guilty of the murder of Zervas.
From its humble Central Coast beginnings the club moved to Sydney and through NSW and now has chapters in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth as well as Sarajevo, Russia and Spain. In 2015 it was thought the gang had about 400 members, more than half of them in NSW.

The MC's current boss Mick Murray and his wife were last year caught owing the tax office up to AUD$4million

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