Sunday, March 25, 2018

Cartel gangster Santiago Meza Lopez - ‘The Stew Maker’

Thousands of fragments of bone uncovered by cops is believed to be victims of the gangster nicknamed El Pozolero – the Stew Maker.

Santiago Meza Lopez was first captured in 2009 and confessed to helping the Sinaloa cartel get rid of bodies.
Hundreds of people disappear every year as cartels wage bloody war. ‘The Stew Maker’ received $700 per body he disposed of, of which he spent $400 in materials. He says that he bought four or five bulbs of garlic. Before starting the dissolving process, he would fry the garlic, the smell of it overpowered the smell of the caustic soda emitted when he was "stewing a body". Lopez was arrested in 2009 and confessed to dissolving at least 300 bodies in caustic soda.
Experts estimate there could be the remains of up to 650 people in the mass graves.