Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Greed drove $23m Florida auto insurance fraud

Andrew Rubinstein and Felix FilengerAndrew Rubinstein got involved in an elaborate $23 million auto insurance fraud that operated for years in chiropractor clinics in South Florida for one reason, he was greedy. His desire for a more opulent lifestyle was part of a fraud that federal prosecutors said costs everybody else — by pushing up the cost of insurance for honest drivers. Rubinstein was sentenced to six years in federal prison. The crime ring raked in at least $23 million from 10 auto insurance companies in the seven years it operated, ending in 2017. The fraud involved ripping off auto insurance companies by illegally billing for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance money under Florida’s no-fault law.
Rubinstein, who immigrated from Ukraine and became a U.S. citizen, told the judge he is sorry. He used the unknown amount of money he received on day-to-day expenses, his family’s home, vehicles and exotic vacations. He continued to commit the crimes for an additional two years after the FBI searched his premises in 2015 and he learned he was under investigation.
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