Thursday, March 22, 2018

Jefferson Chávez Toro, - 'Cachi' Busted

Jefferson Chávez Toro, alias 'Cachi' was one of the most wanted men in Colombia. He was also a former rebel with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – FARC)

Police arrested Cachi on March 13 in the city of Pereira. He is thought to be the second-in-command of Los de Guacho, a group of criminalized former FARC members that operates in Nariño department and is named after its leader Walter Arizala, alias “Guacho.” It's claimed that Guacho’s group is 300-strong, and is “at the service of the Sinaloa Cartel.”
Press releases state that Cachi was the group’s finance chief and was in charge of drug trafficking and social control, and was just as important to the organization as Guacho himself. Cachi ran the production and sale of cocaine in Colombia’s cocaine capital, Tumaco, and all along the remote Ecuadoran border, where he had his own laboratories. From there, the drugs were sent to Central America and the US.

Cachi’s turf is Colombia’s densest coca production hub, with access to two key departure points: the Pacific Ocean and Ecuador.