Thursday, March 1, 2018

NYC Tow truck companies charged as part of ‘organized crime’ ring

From June 2015 to December 2017, investigators say Daniel Steininger worked to root out and restrict competition in the towing industry across all five of New York City's boroughs.

He allegedly managed a fraudulent monopoly in the industry by creating shell companies, obtaining false licenses with the city and giving the appearance others were owners. The companies had different names, different logos and different owners, but they were all fronts and shell companies for Steineiger.
Steininger's drivers were also a part of the operation. They engaged in "chasing"- monitoring police scanners, heading to accident sites and securing the job before their competitors. They attacked their competitors’ trucks, inflated insurance claims, and even damaged customers vehicles themselves to charge more. Authorities want to seize $20 million which were proceeds from Steininger’s alleged schemes.
A total of 17 people and 10 companies were charged.